Oncology Surgery

There have been several innovations on how the treatments have been imparted to cancer patients over the years. Surgery has been moving from a more radical approach towards organ preservation, shorter hospital stay, less post-operative morbidity and minimally invasive and robotic surgeries.

The intent of surgery can be to cure, manage or down stage cancer or symptom control. This is usually the primary treatment of choice in many early stage solid malignancies.


Cancer Surgery: Basic Principles

Surgery for malignant tumors require advance qualifications and meticulous techniques. Basic principles for oncology Surgery are:

  • Complete removal of tumor along with local draining areas and lymph node area
  • Adequate margins in all dimensions as per standard guidelines according to organ.
  • Good functional outcomes while achieving oncological adequacy.
  • Resection of adjacent structures if indicated to achieve final negative margins
  • No surgery or only palliative resection (as required) when it is not possible to completely remove all disease i.e. R0 resection.
  • Choosing approach (minimal invasive versus open) with minimal morbidity without compromising clearance of cancer.
  • Prevention of future recurrence. That’s why complete removal is the most important principle.