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What to do if you suspect breast cancer?

So you wake up one fine morning to feel this ‘weird’ sensation in your breasts. Maybe you slept the wrong way; you pacify yourself by saying that. Over time, you feel an unusual lump developing in your mammary glands. There is a panic and a lump formed in your throat as well by the fear your mind has grasped you into! What can it be, you wonder, although having an idea about it? 

Is it breast cancer? You assume. 

So what do you do if you suspect you might have breast cancer? 

Visit a doctor immediately if any such suspicion crosses your mind. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer occurring in females! Do not take your chances to avoid such signs. The doctor will guide you through your breast cancer screening if he too doubts that you have a risk of it. Sit down with him and do as he suggests. 

Following are a few symptoms that you should keep a close eye on if you suspect you may have breast cancer; 

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms- 

Being aware of the specific signs of inflammatory breast cancer will keep you prepared beforehand for its adversities. Also, know that if you anticipate you have any of the below-mentioned symptoms of breast cancer, go to the best medical oncologist in Gurgaon at the earliest. 

Only early diagnosis can increase your survival rate and decrease your odds of breast cancer. 

  • The emergence of a lump of flesh 
  • Nipple discharge that can either eject a clear fluid or blood 
  • Change in size and shape of the breasts The area of the breast may become red 
  • A shift in the position of the nipple 
  • The skin of the breast becomes unruly, rough, puckered 
  • Swelling of the nearby lymph nodes 
  • Itching in the nipple area 
  • Tenderness of breasts, breast pain. 

Risk factors for breast cancer- 

 Knowing the risk factors will give you a further idea of your chances of developing breast cancer. If you find yourself susceptible to this fatal cancer, the best oncologist in Delhi will suggest you to go through annual check ups. The periodic check ups are a way to early detection in case of any cancerous lumps. In this way, you can start your treatment early which will increase your survival rate.

So pay attention to the below listed ‘bell of danger.’ 

  • History of breast cancer 
  • Breast cancer risk increases with an increase in age 
  • Dense breast tissues 
  • Exposure to estrogen 
  • Bodyweight 
  • Consumption of alcohol 
  • Exposure to radiation 
  • Hormonal therapy 
  • Cosmetic implants in the breasts 

Statistics of breast Cancer- 

Following the report of 2020: 

  • Men- 1 in 68 men, were targeted by the disease 
  • Women- 1 in 29 women were affected by breast cancer. 
  • The lifetime risk of women with breast cancer was 5% in 1940, which has risen to 12% now. 

So, yes, you are in for a no shocker if you too assume that you might have breast cancer. It is a fairly common cancer occurring in women, but that does not lower down its fatality. To self examine your breasts is the first step that you can take in being vigilant towards yourself. 

Breast Self Exams? Is it needed? 

Only having an idea of the normal can give you a picture of what is abnormal! 

It is a mandate to know how your breast normally feels so that you can notice changes if any. 

Talk to your doctor to know the proper technique to self examine your breasts. 

It mainly includes standing in front of the mirror or during the shower, where you feel your entire breasts for any lumps, thickenings, pain. Regular checking of your breasts may give you an idea if any danger comes hurling at you. 

These regular self examinations do not take up much of your time but they are concrete in giving results. It is not feasible to visit the doctor every month, so this method will save you from your chances of developing an advanced stage of breast cancer. And the sooner you diagnose it, the lesser your risk becomes! 

So, do not forget these everyday self-check ups for a better and healthier life! 

Tests that are done if it is thought you might have breast cancer – 

Early breast cancer screenings make a woman less likely to die from breast cancer. 

To upgrade your chances to a healthy living, see that you; 

  • Go through annual check-ups from your doctor 
  • The quality of the tests 
  • Follow every word of suggestion from your doctor. 

Tests at a breast cancer clinic are firstly done by checking your breasts for any abnormalities like breast lump, checking your breast tissues, nipple discharges, if any. The breast specialist will review your collarbone and underarm for any unusual lumps. If the doctor finds anything suspicious, he will recommend further diagnostic tests. 

Imaging tests to find breast cancer- 

  • Mammograms- One of the x-ray imaging tests that allows the doctor to see if you have any lumps in your breasts. 

Note: Mammograms are capable of disclosing lumps that are not seen or felt for the next 2 years at least. Now do you realize the importance of periodic screenings? 

Screening mammograms are the ones that doctors use when you do not have any abnormalities. This falls as a part of your periodic health check-up. Most women start with their screening sessions when they are over 40 or have a risk of breast cancer. 

  • Breast MRI- It provides a detailed examination of the breasts. At times it is combined with mammograms to check for breast abnormalities. 
  • Breast Ultrasound- It is suited for pregnant women as it does not contain harmful radiations. Also, in the case of dense breasts, the doctor may suggest this diagnosis. 

Confirmative diagnosis of breast cancer- 

The doctors confirm the diagnosis of breast cancer after they do a needle aspiration or biopsy test. 

If you have ever wondered how is breast cancer diagnosed? Then this is your answer. 

Diagnosis plays a vital part in suppressing your curious mind of having breast cancer. But what if you are diagnosed with cancer eventually? 

To know all about breast cancer and to put up with an appropriate treatment plan with your doctor is your next step! 

Breast cancer- Not only a fight of the physical body? 

Knowing that your worst nightmare has turned into reality can be a hard truth to gulp on. But, understand that you are not alone in this journey. 

Taking into consideration the large number of people getting affected by cancer. It can be said that they are fighting a big war at a physical level. Well, not quite as much so. Dealing with cancer has its repercussions even in the mental and emotional state of mind. 

Breast cancer in young women can put her entire life at a pause. She has her whole life ahead of her. She might not be ready to even decide between her further academic heights or a career in corporate. Amidst, all of this, cancer strikes her. Being a young cancer patient can have a pretty big blow to the tender minds. The surgeries and treatment for cancer may have other adversities for them to deal with. They might encounter early menopause, due to which they would feel an early aging effect compared to other women of their age. Friends and family support should be in abundance to overcome this dark phase of life. 

Why only younger patients, though, even middle-aged or elderly women, bear a lot of anxieties during this period. They see their life as a mortal being and keep counting their days to get a few more years in a lease. This is so because they can see their children settle and spend a little more time with their beloved. 

So yes, cancer can have a drastic turn in your life too! No matter which of the above categories you belong to and what is your hardship at this point. Cancer is a difficult battle to win…but not an impossible one! 

What after getting diagnosed with cancer? 

  • After getting diagnosed and taking time to absorb the shock, the real fight begins. Treatment of cancer can take up a lot of your time. You have to adjust your routine per the treatment plan. Of course, you need not put a full stop to your other life activities. You have to just manage your time more fruitfully. 
  • Talk to your doctor about how things would be planned. We offer patients to have a heartfelt conversation with us, as we feel that might give them a better support 
  • Make the required changes in your family. Although you can work, make sure not to overburden yourself. 
  • Manage your feelings as well. Yes, that is a necessary step because if you break down, so shall your family. 

How to cope up with your emotions in breast cancer? 

  • Accept the fact with what you are dealing with. That will give you a whole lot of strength to fight down the disease 
  • Express yourself out loud to your doctors, friends, and families. Being vocal about your condition reflects that you can openly talk about your problem; thus, finding a solution to that can be more accessible. 
  • Try to remain positive. Indulge yourself in doing things you love to have a change of mind and also to feel constructive 
  • Do your daily work. Do not succumb to your bed. Crawling up in your bed is not the remedy to your disease. Wake up and face that long road ahead of you. Although nerve-wracking, if faced with all the strength, you will be able to overcome it 
  • Give yourself a treat weekly or so. Munch on to your favourite ice cream, watch a good movie, keep yourself distracted. 
  • Try to live a normal life. That can astonishingly help in your speedy recovery 
  • Meditate and exercise to give a boost of energy to yourself 
  • Have a very good dietary plan to help in your immunity build-up 

Treatment of breast Cancer- 

Doctors and the patient sit together to plan the treatment of the disease, the extent to which it has travelled, the best way to receed it, and what to expect out of it. 

The treatment will be planned considering the stage of cancer you are at. 

  • Firstly, there is the need to control the overgrowth of the cells. 
  • Surgery is opted to remove the cancerous growth and a few of the tissues surrounding it. This is called Breast-Conserving Surgery. 
  • Lymph nodes are considered to be removed in case of spread of cancer to the lymph nodes as well 
  • Mastectomy is the removal of the entire breast along with the nearby tissues surrounding it. 
  • Systemic therapy includes; radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy. 

Prevention of breast Cancer- 

  • Get screened by the doctor frequently 
  • Lower down the consumption of alcohol 
  • Do not get exposed to carcinogenic agents
  • Maintain your body weight 
  • Have an active life. 

The journey from fearing that you might have breast cancer to being diagnosed with cancer is the most challenging time. Get in touch with the best oncologist in Gurgaon to connect and share your problems with. Family and friends are the most outstanding pillars of support, rely on them, and you will feel much stronger than ever! 

Dr. Kaushal Yadav is one of the best oncologists in Gurgaon, India. If you are worried about your chances of breast cancer, visit him for a detailed examination! 

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