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Tobacco- A travel-friendly death packet in your pocket!

Is Tobacco being consumed by you, or is it consuming you?

No one knows what tomorrow will bring to us! Perhaps, this remembrance has evoked many of us to act on our impulses. But do we forget the simple rule that ‘ nothing comes free to us!’ Or ‘everything has a price to pay?’ We get indulged in abusive substances for the temporary ‘euphoric rush.’ Be it tobacco or alcohol or drugs; they are like ticking time bombs that we strap on to ourselves and anxiously wait for the end to arrive.

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Talking of cigarette smoking, the packet itself comes with a very engaging advertisement, stating, Tobacco Kills! So what makes us rush to our death by taking these injurious tobacco products into our body systems? 

Would you be in so much need of Pleasure that you ultimately choose Pain?

Maybe, that short-lived elation is so addictive that you can endure the long term side effects of tobacco. The first step to working on any problem would be to know the root cause of it. Let us get an overview why you are inclined to the chemicals in tobacco in the first place-

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  • Addiction- Study shows, tobacco contains the addictive matter, nicotine that makes current smokers or people who chew tobacco crave for it, with regular use. Unfortunately, the so-called- high, retains in the body for a meagre time limit, after which the consumer craves for more buzz. Over time, tobacco effects ceases to give the same impact to the brain. This happens as you develop high tolerance to nicotine! Thus, a vicious cycle starts where more and more of tobacco is consumed to give a temporary pleasure’ but finally, ‘pain.’
  • Peer pressure- It is not new to us when we hear how people around us compel us on to doing things that are reckless. Youngsters amongst all others, follow this way of living. They get the idea that delving into banned stuffs, would make them give a ‘cooler’ image. The ‘bad boy’ or ‘bad girl’ exterior is hyped and their inclination towards such wrong notions only worsen things. Young people do things at the spur of the moment, but unluckily, with time, this becomes an addiction that they cannot live without.
  • Emotional support- Tobacco in so many instances is consumed as a result of feeling stressed, unhappy, unworthy. People resort to tobacco believing it’s a way of escape to them, to overcome their negative moods. But all they are doing is to make tobacco their ‘support system.’
  • Habit- This is one of the most potent reasons due to which people have been clinging to the ill effects of tobacco. They have made it as a part of their daily ritual. But do not forget, habit persists only with practice. 

Truth to tobacco-

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  1. Tobacco use is expected to kill over 1 billion users during 21st century after killing approximately 100 million in 20th century. Tobacco kills upto half of its users
  2. Second hand smoking is expose of tobacco to close contacts of tobacco users and it also has dangerous effects to some extent.
  3. Lung and oral cancers are not the only cancers associated with tobacco use. Many other cancers are also linked like bladder, cervix, colorectal, pancreas, esophagus, kidney, stomach, liver, leukemia.
  4. A puff of tobacco smoke has more than 70 grade 1 carcinogens, These leads to carcinogen DNA adduct formation which if not repaired, cause mutation in cells to grow out of control.
  5. Harmful effects of tobacco are not additive but multiplicative when combined with alcohol
  6. Not only lungs but smoking has adverse effect on almost every organ of body including heart and brain
  7. Treatment related complications occurs more frequently in tobacco users.
  8. Tobacco use is associated approximately 25% of cancer related deaths globally
  9. Quitting the tobacco use has beneficial effect of more than 50% prevention from disease than those who continued its use.
  10. Tobacco is associated with more severe illness from COVID 19.

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What is present in tobacco that makes it a death dealer?

Tobacco plant, although not a synthetic product has the ability to absorb harmful chemicals namely cadmium, lead and nitrates. Tobacco infuses these chemicals from the fertilizers and the soil that it grows in. 

Nicotine is the naturally occurring addictive substance, present in the tobacco plants. But what makes tobacco so lethal is not the nicotine, but the other chemicals that resides in it. During the manufacturing procedures, ammonia is added to tobacco to increase its nicotine absorption. The chemicals are the actual carcinogens present in tobacco. Reports say that, tobacco contains a mix of 7000 chemicals that is the reason behind the ‘kills.’

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How is tobacco engineering our body system-

  1. It causes severe respiratory infections.
  2. Adverse health effects also include stroke, lung cancer risk.
  3. The risk factors to tobacco are such that  can acutely damage your heart causing cardiovascular diseases.
  4.   Tobacco is a causative factor for almost all types of cancer such as the lung, respiratory, pancreas, kidney, liver and oral cancer as well.

Be it actively smoking, chewing tobacco or you are just exposed to second hand smoke. The adversities of tobacco is very lethal. The government taking measures to rule out tobacco, the doctors asking you to forbid the use of it, camps being set up and also a whole day commemorated to make you aware of it’s side effects, are no joke. It simply shows how endangering can tobacco be to you and people around you.

 Even children are affected by passive smoking, causing them, to get bronchitis and even cancer. Take your child at the earliest to a good pediatric oncologist in Gurgaon, if you notice any abnormal signs in them.

Tobacco prevention should be the first step, but in case you have managed to get yourself scarred by the effects if it, go to a medical oncologist in Gurgaon or an oncologist in Delhi. Dr. Kaushal Yadav, is one of the best oncologist in Gurgaon who would get you treated in no time. 

World Tobacco Day observed on 31st May, are to make you remember that tobacco actually kills! Save your life before you need to fight for your survival!

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