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Complications that come along with Colon Cancer

Colorectal or colon cancer represents 10%  of all types of cancer. Its adversities are high, its occurrence is typical, claiming many lives, but its complications are rare!

Colon cancer complications consist of not only one, but the cancer is known to raise difficulty in each stage, starting from diagnosis, treatment to even lifestyle changes.

Since this cancer is discrete and presents a plethora of complications, it is in our best interest that we upgrade ourselves to the obscurities of the disease to have a way to resolve it.

What is colon cancer?

Cancers that affect the colon of the body are termed colon cancer. 

Colon cancers are slow-growing, thus remain undetected in early stages. 

In most instances, cancer starts as a polyp( precancerous growths) which becomes cancer over time.

A polyp can be treated by removing the growth early. This does not lead to cancer. However, the polyp is asymptomatic, and only periodic colon screenings can be a way to detect this abnormality. 

Diagnostic complications that arise in colon cancer-

Researchers have studied a demarcatory gap between the occurrence of a polyp and the time at which the cancer advances and is ultimately detected.

A few signs and symptoms to look for if you are anticipating colon cancer.

  • Changes in bowel patterns can be a symptom of cancer. 
  • Cramping and abdominal pain.
  • Constipation or diarrhea( this may occur due to obstruction of the bowel movements by the tumor).
  • Nausea, vomiting, bloating.

The above-enlisted symptoms are not specifically for colon-related cancer disease. Other causes which manage these symptoms are Crohn’s disease, ulcer, or inflammation.

The first problematic hurdle comes in the form that the disease is asymptomatic; the next cause of worry is that it shows no apparent and specific signs.

How can the diagnosis of complications of colon cancer be dealt with?

The vital investment towards healthcare comes down to regular checkups and screening from doctors. Only this tool helps guard the body in the advancement of any disease. 

Colon cancer, the second leading cause of death due to cancer, apparently may show no signs and symptoms. But, doctors are trained to understand the complications of the disease and take active steps in dealing with it.

See the best cancer doctor in Gurgaon for a thorough evaluation and take one step further to a better life. 

How is a potent colon cancer(polyp) detected?

The doctor may suggest you a screening of colon cancer based on the following risk factors;

  • People over 45 years.
  • Family history of colon cancer.
  • Suspected symptoms of colon cancer.
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking, high-calorie diet.

Every individual should follow the said instructions from their doctor and act accordingly.

The most recommended colon cancer screening is colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy, an outpatient procedure, is performed by trained surgeons to check for polyps or cancer in the colon. It involves using a flexible ‘scope’ to view the entire colon. 

Colonoscopy is not only a screening procedure but also a treatment that is done to remove the polyp during the surgery.

The removed polyp is then checked for any cancerous cells to determine the state of the patient. 

Colonoscopy is an effective and safe screening method. The best surgical oncologist in Gurgaon performs this surgery with ease and agility.

The other screening methods involve;

    • Double contrast barium enema.
  • CT colonography.
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy.
  • Fecal DNA test.
  • Fecal immunochemical test.

A positive report of the screening test brings with itself more tests and procedures to be performed on the patient as confirmative diagnosis.

Treatment of colon cancer-

Colon cancer treatments are likely to be more effective in the early stages. Therefore, doctors emphasize not skipping the periodic screening for people who are at high-risk to incur the disease.

The treatment is chosen after considering the following factors;

  • The overall health of the patient.
  • Side effects of each treatment plan.
  • Additive medications that the patient is on.
  • The other medical conditions.
  • Patient nutritional support.

A team of multidisciplinary doctors sit together with the patient and go through the shared decision-making to choose the best treatment plan for the patient.

The treatment strategies for treating colon cancer are;

  • Surgery.
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Targeted therapy.
  • Immunotherapy.

Surgery is the main treatment of choice for early-stage colon cancer. The treatment may be purely surgery-based or done in combination with other cancer treatments. The doctor makes this decision after judging a host of factors.

Reach out to the best cancer surgery doctor in Gurgaon for a second opinion if you consider undergoing cancer treatment.

Complications in the treatment may come in advanced cases.

In a few instances, a patient may be reluctant to go through any treatment because of the poor prognosis rate in advanced cases of colon cancer.

It is essential that you communicate with your doctor in such dire conditions. You may need symptomatic treatment for your pain and other complications in the body. So, only an expert can guide you through to reach the final decision.

Lifestyle complications in colon cancer

The onset of colon cancer may discreetly pass away by showing no warning signs.

However, the tumor formed will undoubtedly cause trivial effects to the body that may be noticed in day-to-day life.

A few lifestyle changes to look out for are;

  • Rapid weight loss-

Unintentional weight loss may indicate a fatal disease. Cancer cells in the body take up all the nutrients from the blood to thrive and spread.

Thus, nutrition is deficient in the body, which results in rapid weight loss.

  • Fatigue and loss of appetite-

Tiredness is not a definite symptom. There may be an array of reasons for a fatigued body. Check with your doctor to know the actual cause of the problem.

Loss of appetite can occur both in the early and later stages. The causative agent of improper digestion is the tumor.

A lethal illness can break down your life, both physically and mentally. Another probable loss of confidence comes when a few patients use colostomy after the treatment procedure.

Life with colostomy-

Oftentimes, a surgical opening or stroma is made through the colon, thus, providing the waste material to eject out. 

People with colon cancer have a deteriorating effect on their daily life activities. Starting from symptoms to post-operative care, their food and lifestyle face a drastic change.

We live in an educated society today. Almost everyone understands the pros of having a healthy body. 

The next step is to take caution and adequate measures in managing a healthful life.

Colon cancer has taken and continues to claim thousands of lives each year. Maintain close association with Dr. Kaushal Yadav, the acclaimed oncologist in Gurgaon, to subdue any abnormalities before they become life-threatening.

There is a better way to survival.. It is called care and caution!

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